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Bug with tidy plugin

tpad's HTML Tidy plugin is not enabled by default. To enable it please follow these instructions.

There is a bug that affects current version (1.3) that prevents the "Validate and correct" button to work properly. This has been fixed in current CVS and will disappear in the next tpad version (1.4). For now you will have to apply a patch yourself. I'm sorry for this.

Manual patching

Please locate the file tidy.tcl. This will be under /usr/local/lib/tpad1.3 in FreeBSD and /usr/lib/tpad1.3 in Linux. Goto line number 187:
    append opts m
delete this line and save. That's all. Now the "Validate and correct" key should work as expected.

If you experience errors such as "Error: can't find package fileutil 1.6" when trying to display the tidy plugin, change the line:

package require fileutil 1.6  ;# uses temporary files
to this:
package require fileutil 1.4  ;# uses temporary files

Automatic patching

This method requires the patch(1) utility, which is normally installed on most unices.

Download the patch file tidy.patch. Cd to the directory where tidy.tcl lives, as explained above under Manual patching. Then do the following:

# patch </path/to/tidy.patch Logo Valid HTML 4.01! Petition for a Software Patent Free Europe

Last modified: Sunday, 21-Dec-2014 23:31:12 UTC