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If you want to help with the development, see the TODO list (also included with the tarball or package).

You can also contribute by packaging tpad for other operating systems. Email me the package along with a brief description about the type of package and the name of the target operating system.

Or you can contribute by translating tpad to other languages (no programming knowledge is required for this).

I can't pay anything but I'll add your name in the list of tpad contributors. Let me know if you also want your email along your name.

You can find my email address in the home page.

Hall of fame

Here is a list of people that have contributed to tpad. This is sorted in time order (last contributors are listed first). Thanks to all!

Mauricio Díaz [home page]
He did the French and Spanish translations and helped to point out bugs related to localization.
Omer Hanetz [email, web site]
He made the Hebrew translation.

Anonymous CVS Access

The tpad's CVS repository can be checked out through anonymous (pserver) CVS with the following command:

$ cvs -z3 co tpad-all

You may also examine tpad's CVS repository via the provided web-based CVS repository viewer. Logo Valid HTML 4.01! Petition for a Software Patent Free Europe

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